I’ve been wanting to do this forever, so of course now I won’t remember all the words I wanted to remember.  But here is a little Miriam dictionary.

Dise- Simon
Baps- bath
Cots- Scott
Nacks- Snack
Gocks- Sock  (Are you seeing the pattern?)
Gaca- Baca
beh-beh- baby
Yai- Eli
Dosh- a mix of Dog and Misha
Dabba Dabba- Yo Gabba Gabba (I know she’s technically not old enough for t.v. but this girl has active ingredients and I just need a few minutes of peace sometimes. This is the first cartoon she has actually sat down and watched, and now she loves it.  Nothing ever held her interest before.  I’ve got to say, I love it too for the reasons aforementioned, despite its initial creepiness.)

She also says, of her own accord, Mom, Daddy, milk, go, juice, shoes, hi, bye, house, and more I’m sure.  She is also getting pretty good at saying words back to us, parrot style.       

Her new favorite activity is feeding “Dosh”.  Of course now that she wants to do this the boys are fighting over whose turn it is. 

She also says “NO!” really well.  She still has no name for Cameron that we have identified.  I hope it isn’t some expression of her subconscious feelings about him.  Hopefully it’s just a hard name to say.

One thought on “Miriam-ese

  1. I love her pigtails and that you describe her as having active ingredients, that's a genius way to put it. I am surprised that you are down with DJ Lance, although, we are guilty in our house too.


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