little Simon

Si, Si our little fry.  He was seven months yesterday.  He had/is having a major growth spurt.  He practically skipped the 3-6 month clothing category.  I finally cut his hair, the comb-over was cute but his little ‘do needed a fresh start.  His new hair growing in needed a chance to catch-up.  It still has a reddish hue, but it’s not the same.  This is very sad to me. 
He’s rolling all over the place and loves attention from anyone.  Now that he is getting a little more interactive his siblings are getting a little more involved.  I’m trying to keep Miriam from feeding him things that might cause him to stop breathing and prevent her from sitting/stepping/pulling on him.  He has his first appointment with an allergist today, and I’m hoping the Dr. will tell me I can relax a little.  We’ll see. 
 I watched the pilot episode of Wonder Years on Netflix (awesome! right?) and there was a line where Kevin said  “This is my friend Paul.  He’s allergic to practically everything.”  That’s our little Simon.  All he needs is some glasses. 

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