Monkey See, Monkey Do

That phrase seems so insulting to monkeys…

You know how they are always saying that you have to be careful because children are always watching?  Apparently Miriam has been watching me give the epi-pen demo to the babysitters. 

Don’t worry, there is no needle in that one.  It is the demo pen.  But I know I still need to be careful about letting her get her hands on it, for many reasons not the least of which being that it might go the way of the tv remote…
Richard keeps his wallet, keys, chapstick, etc on a bedside table.  Miriam has discovered the chapstick and frequently steals it.  The other night Richard noticed it was missing and asked her about it.  She then proceeded to lead him around the house in a fruitless search.  The whole thing reminded me of Dori on Finding Nemo leading around Marlin in a disappointing search for the boat.  Richard would get his hopes up thinking she actually knew where the chapstick was, only to have her periodically look at him like “Can I help you?”

Later that evening the tv remote was missing.  We searched high and low.  Richard remarked “It’s probably with my chapstick.”  Being DVR converts, the tv is worthless without the remote.  We continued to look in every possible toddler hiding place and I finally found it in a basket in Cameron and Eli’s room.  Sure enough the chapstick was in the same basket.  It doesn’t seem so funny now, but we had a good laugh that cured us of our building frustration.  That little girl has some crazy power over us. 

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