Halloween 2011

(I think Richard might have asked me not to put this picture on the blog- but Halloween was sooooo long ago I don’t remember.  He was giving the kids fits of laughter as he ate a sour Warhead.) 
Halloween falls in a bad time of year for Richard, so sometimes he’s around, sometimes he’s busy and sometimes he’s out of town.  This year we were lucky to have him around.  And I was lucky to get him to dress up! I made the Flinstone costumes last minute with the help of YouTube.
Miriam was all about satisfying her immediate desires. Candy now.
Simon was as delightful as ever.  He stayed home and won admirers at the door handing out candy.
Here is Cameron carefully choosing each piece of candy to fit into his Ziploc baggie. 
Eli was not really interested in filling his bag, and made hasty work of it. 
We have a tradition at our house where the kids can choose their favorite candies and put them in a sandwich bag.  The remaining candy is returned to the trick-or-treat pillowcase and overnight the “Switch Witch” comes and exchanges the candy for a book or game.  Richard seems to think this is a big scam, and robs the children of the joys of Halloween candy.  Cameron felt that way this year as well.  But seeing as how I finally threw away the remaining Halloween candy IN THE ZIPLOC BAGS at Christmas time I’m feeling pretty confident that it is a good system.  Besides.  The Switch Witch loves candy.

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