Bite-Sized pancakes

I’m so excited about this. I can’t stop smiling. If you’ve spent years cutting pancakes for kids you’ll rejoice with me.

I saw on Pinterest the idea to put pancake batter in an empty ketchup bottle to make letter and shape pancakes. My letters and shapes were an epic failure. (My second failed Pinterest endeavor this week.) I was feeling discouraged so I just squirted quarter sized circles on the griddle. They cooked super fast so I had to stay on top of it, but when I served them on the kids’ plates I realized what I had magically created. No-cut pancakes. I’m just tickled.

5 thoughts on “Bite-Sized pancakes

  1. I used to love those when I was little! There would always be little drops that got away from the “big” pancake. They're the best because they're a little crunchy:) Way to go Jo! This IS genius!


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