Mim did?

Miriam seems to be getting lots of blog time. That will change soon, as all three boys have birthdays and events coming in the next two weeks. In the meantime… She keeps life entertaining.

She has a new nickname. It’s “Mim” and it comes from the way she says her own name. She most often says it when I confront her about her latest disaster and she says “Mim did?”

(These pictures are from my iPhone, not the best quality.)
She is obsessed with this backpack of late.  I finally signed her up for a toddler music class at the library, something to channel her energy, so she keeps her library books in it.  She also keeps her small box of “ho-sees” in it.  The horses pictured below, who stole their helmets from Cameron’s football guys.  Shoot Sean, what are they called?

5 thoughts on “Mim did?

  1. MY KID!!!! i got my card from mim, today. it touched my heart!! its on my refrigerator so everyone who comes over can see me surrogate kid. I LOVE HER, lets get her on a plane to los angeles. kitties and dress up, mim!


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