that Richard…

[Political views of the children may or may not accurately reflect the political opinions of the parents.]

Cameron has recently decided he is going to be president of the United States.   He really likes President Obama and if you know Cameron at all you won’t be surpised that he has political ambitions for power.  Last night at the dinner table he told us all the things he would tell the country if he were president.  This was very entertaining, but a little tension arose when the conversation took this turn:

Cameron: If I were president I would tell everyone not to hunt animals, only fish, because we shouldn’t kill animals. 

Then the parents (whose opinions shall remain anonymous) shared differing perspectives on the subject.  Finally it came down to this:

Jo: That’s fine if that is how you feel Cameron.  That is the great thing about our country, you can always choose your own opinion and share it. 
Richard:  Yep- in our country you can always choose which of two opinions you want for any issue. 

It doesn’t seem so funny as I typed it, but it was.  There was no cynicism, just humor.

Later last night Richard and I finished watching an episode of The Wonder Years on Netflix and we were discussing how it would be nearly impossible to love Wayne if he was your brother.  Richard said:

“Yeah, Wayne has to be one of the most annoying characters in all of t.v. history.  Second only to Pee-Wee Herman.”

Spot on Richard. 

2 thoughts on “that Richard…

  1. Ha! I laughed about Richard's “two opinions” comment. That is how it seems, isn't it? And I think I'm with Cameron. No more hunting. And let's all be vegetarian. I've been wanting to be vegetarian for years, but (fill in the excuses here).


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