I made a careless mistake recently that had far-reaching effects.  People were hurt, relationships badly damaged and the fall-out involved a great deal of misunderstandings followed by attempted reconciliation and more hurt feelings.  When I did it, I didn’t realize what the consequences of my actions would be, in fact for a brief moment I thought I was actually being helpful.  Soooo ironic. 

I’d recently been praying for humility, and I’m here to testify that God answers our prayers, and if we really desire weak things to become strong, he will give us opportunities for change.   I offered apologies where I could, but ultimately the damage I caused had to be repaired by the people least at fault.  This was humbling indeed.

Today at church the subject of the talks in Sacrament meeting was humility and I was consumed with knowledge and truth about myself and my weaknesses.  One of the speakers defined humility as “a broken heart and contrite spirit” and if ever I have felt that way in my life it has been in the last few days. 

I am so grateful for good friends and church leaders, for their forgiveness and for God’s hand in my life.  A friend once told me that when you seek truth, and you find it you will wonder why you never sought it before, because you …

well here are his words-

“The wisdom you seek is the heart of what the Gospel isreally all about, though if you’re like me, you never could reallysee it for what it was before now. And because you are a seeker, youwill find deep spiritual truths and sources of joy that you will beconvinced must have been hidden before or else you would have turnedto them immediately…and yet the more you live them the more youwill realize they are ALL around you…in literally every scripture,every song, every sermon, every moment of life.”

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