times four

I know I’ve said it multiple times on here but having four kids is SO busy.  Every day I feel this way.  I hesistate to complain because, first I’m really grateful for my kids and secondly four is fewer than five, six, seven, etc.  But it’s a busy life.  
The other day we took Simon to his one year well child exam.  He weighed in at 17lbs which puts him right in between Cameron (18lbs at one year) and Eli and Miriam (16lbs at one year.)  We grow ’em small ’round here.
Anyway, at the pediatrician’s office everything was different.  They had remodeled and it looked bright and fun.  I commented about how it looked so different, and asked when it had been done.  This led me to ponder when I was last in the office, and the receptionist looked it up.  January, three months ago. 
Three months!
Three months is not very long but it was a big deal for me because prior to my last visit we were in the pediatrician’s office at least once a month for the year before that.  Well child exams, infant check-ups, follow-ups to ER visits, ingrown toenails, flu shots, and so on. 
It was satisfying to have managed a three month reprieve from the office that knows us well by now.  In the past after each weight check Dr. B and I discussed possible reasons for and solutions to our smaller-than-average offspring.  This time she just smiled and said “I’m fine with that weight.”
But alas, we go back in two weeks for Eli’s final vaccines and exam before kindergarten.  It was nice while it lasted. 
In any case, it represents to me all the other facets of parenting. We do everything times four. Thankfully age variance gives us some reprieve for now, only two kids need dental appointments. But you get the general idea. Especially if you have kids of your own.  
I know I’ll look back on these days with fondness, but for now I just feel like I can’t get ahead. 
Forget getting ahead, I can’t even catch up!

6 thoughts on “times four

  1. Oh, I remember those days, and you wish you could just stretch things out so everything wasn't so concentrated and all at once. I used to get so mad because older mothers would say, “Wait till they get older, it just gets busier”. I wanted to pull my hair out because I couldn't imagine it getting any harder than it was. You are doing an awesome job, Jo. I am so grateful for the wife and mother you are and you have those beautiful kids to show for it.


  2. I heard a quote from Sheri Dew that said something like (ok it's lame to say quote and then something like in the same sentence…)if a woman did nothing more than raise children she should go to the Celestial Kingdom. She was teasing but I think there is more truth in this than we as mom's realize. At least I hope so. You are doing a good job.


  3. I look back to when I didn't have most of my kids in school and wonder how I ever survived the constant baby needs. They are tough years so it is okay to complain…we all feel your pain:)


  4. I ♥ Dr. B! She's the best!And I totally get the busy! We have 4 in sports right now! Pulling my hair out!!!!!!Someday I too hope to look back on this CRAZY time in our lives with fondness! If you figure out how to get ahead (or even keep up) let me in on the secret please….


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