Person #3 turns SEVEN

Eli’s birthday was on Friday, and Cameron’s was on Sunday, so we threw a combined party on Saturday with the cousins who were visiting from Vegas.  It was great fun! Cameron and Eli shared the recliner while siblings/cousins presented them with gifts.  There were Legos, books, Just Dance for Kids, lightsabers, and Cameron got a watch, which I think looks so grown up on his little wrist.  

On Cameron’s actual birthday we had a little party with the other side of the family.  It was basically three days of birthday parties.  I’m not sure how that math works out, two kids, three parties…

Cameron is everything I could ask for in an oldest child.  He is responsible, conscientious and obedient.  His love language without a doubt is words of affirmation, and the other day when he brought his report card home he beamed from ear to ear while I read the comments from his teacher.  Then when Richard came home he asked him to read it again.  He loves attention, he is the boy in primary who drives everyone crazy when he raises his hand for every question even when he doesn’t know the answer.  He is confident and comfortable in conversation with adults, even if 70% of what he tells them is fictitious.  (We are working on that, more about it later.)  He has a sensitive conscience and he is the only one of my children for which “the look” is an effective discipline tool.  I know we’ll have our work cut out in keeping him humble, he has that irrational self-confidence.  But I don’t antipicate losing sleep at night over this kid. 

6 thoughts on “Person #3 turns SEVEN

  1. As his former primary teacher, I can say that he never drove me crazy answering questions. He was one of the few who knew how to raise his hand, and most of the time had an answer…even if it wasn't the right one. We loved having Cameron in our class!!!


  2. You do have pretty great kids! And Brian and I thought it pretty funny to see Cameron's had shoot up in sharing time at every opportunity only to whisper to us, “what was the question?”


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