Have you heard of Humans Of New York? Brandon takes pictures and interviews the people of New York city.  Not only are the pictures amazing to a sheltered Idaho girl like myself, his clever captions are hilarious. 

I haven’t been this captivated online since I discovered Pinterest.  Here are a few of my favorites.       [Captions are Brandon’s.]

Two things about this man:
1) He had this very endearing quirk where he always had to be holding something in the air. The first time I tried to take his photo, he held up a bag of chips. When I convinced him to let me hold the chips, he pulled out an umbrella and held it up instead.
2) He was perhaps the most stylish homeless man I’ve ever encountered. Whether or not you agree with the “look,” I honestly would not be surprised to see a dry-cleaned version of that outfit on a fashionista in SoHo.
Hands down the most adorable solution to the economic crisis: Tax the Princesses
Clearly her love is electrifying.
I love that there are cultures where a father and son can walk arm-in-arm without a hint of self-consciousness.
And to think he wanted a son.
“What’s your favorite thing about your wife?”
“I can’t say that in public!”
Was laughing pretty hard during this one.
Her mom kept saying: “Do it Brown Sugar! That’s right! You a superstar!”

”Now for the million dollar question.”
“What’s that?”
“Did you break the foot while riding the unicycle?”
“No, I didn’t.”
“OH MAN, I thought I was going to have a great caption.”
“Well, there is good news.”
“What’s that?”
“I broke it playing Quidditch.”

There are OH SO MANY more, but my kids need to eat now.  Check it out!

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