This year for Easter I really wanted to do something religious, something that actually related to the purpose of the holiday.  Thank you Pinterest for this one.  Or actually, thank you Allie
[Photo & idea are hers.]
Resurrection Rolls

You take a marshmallow, white and pure, representing Jesus.  The cinnamon and sugar represented the oils and spices they anointed his body with.  The roll represents the linens and then the oven represents the tomb.  As we prepared the rolls, Richard read from the bible, John chapters 19 & 20.  It actually went really well.  I think the visual lesson was effective and all the kids sat quietly and listened in reverence.   Then of course when you remove the rolls from the “tomb” the linens are left but the body of Jesus is gone.  You get it…

Anyway it was fun to give birth to a new tradition and have it be a success. 

Here is the Easter gang- naturally one picture wasn’t adequate to capture all their darling faces. 

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