Wholesome Family Recreation

My idealistic self has always been anti-video games.  Well, for my kids.  In high school I was a big fan of Tony Hawk on the Playstation and Dr. Mario on the old-school original Nintendo.   And we have had some rockin’ good times with friends and family on Guitar Hero. So I should clarify that I lumped video games into the category of “Things that are okay for adults but not kids” or at least not my kids.. and in moderation of course…


I WAS adamant that we would never own a gaming system. That was until I watched my kids dance with Scott and Jess to “Rasputin” [Just Dance 2] and then we had to have a Wii. 

We love us some Just Dance around here.  In our dream house, I would set up a room with a big tv and no other furniture, just wide open space for us to bust our moves.  It’s a family affair.

We only have two Wii remotes, but that doesn’t stop the whole gang from participating.  Kids are such good sports that way.

**As a side note.  As with most aspects of parenting, my idealistic self has compromised to my realistic self.  That is not to say that reality requires a compromise of principles, just that some allowances are made when the benefits out-weigh the cost, or we discover that the cost wasn’t as severe as we had perhaps imagined.  Or we just become really good at justifying.  This Mormon Message is a little cheesy, but was certainly a good reminder of  my ideals. 


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