Mid-way through May up to Today

Miriam might have cosmetology in her future.  Simon wasn’t too interested in having his hair done by his big sister.  Sorry, bud, better get used to it. 

Eli is always quick to help me in the kitchen.  He’s my little sous chef, which I was totally supportive of, because I’d heard that having your children who are picky eaters help in the food preparation might make them more likely to eat their dinner.  Not so with Eli.  That was disappointing.  He’ll be the first chef to refuse to eat his own masterpieces.  Or maybe not, I suppose it’s possible that such a picky chef already exists.  Miriam sticks around only long enough to sample whatever is available.

Simon managed to get his diaper snagged on a screw or something on the back of the changing table.  He was clearly upset and frustrated by the time I came to his rescue.  But of course I had to grab the camera, which didn’t improve his disposition.  By the time I was done taking the picture he had taken matters into his own and hands and was long gone, leaving a soggy diaper behind. 

Eli graduated from pre-school.  He won the award for the best score on the pre-reading test and the most mileage on his eraser.  The kid is smart little guy, with a tendency toward OCD behaviors.  When they announced that he had the highest score Cameron made a big fuss about it, and Eli just shrugged as if to say “What’s the big deal?” Such different personalities.

Cameron has the camera in this picture.  I’m in ongoing conflict about the benefits of proximity  (in that the kids play together a lot) and the drawbacks (the frequency of the phrase “Mim/Si is getting in our business!”)

Just some photographic evidence that I do make the kids pull their weight around here. 

Another photo by Cameron.  Not too bad, not too bad…

Now ya see him…

now ya don’t!

Cameron took also took pictures of all his library books.  This is the screenplay for Star Wars Episode 1.  Written out, well, like a play.  Cameron read it cover to cover.  Don’t believe me? Just ask him about it.  I DARE you.  But be committed to hear all things Anakin & Qui Gon Jin for the better part of an hour.

Father’s Day.  Don’t they all just look so HAPPY. 

Simon has followed in Eli’s footsteps of a perpetually bruised forehead. 

Si has a love/hate relationship with his hat.  Sometimes I can’t keep it on his head and then sometimes he finds it somewhere in the house, puts it on and wears it around indoors. 

Just keep swimming, just keep swimming…

I’m the dorky mom who bought matching t-shirts for all her kids because they were on clearance at Old Navy and because I said “If all the correct sizes are here I’ll do it” and they were so I did because it won’t be long before they refuse to wear anything that matches but they actually all thought it was really cool and then I wrote a serious run-on sentence about it. 

We went out to Melba for the Old Thyme parade.  And mini-doughnuts and El Gallo Giro $1 tacos that are SOOOO GOOD. 
The kids are sitting the mult-purpose wagon that does it all.  You can fold down the seats and it makes a flat surface that Simon has slept on when he crashes at Eagle Island.  It also came with an umbrella which works great in the previously mentioned scenario.  Then you can fold up one side and it makes a bench, which worked great for this parade, and I’m told works well at sporting events like Cameron’s football games, etc.  It’s nice because which ever kids want in they can hop in or out, and we can also throw stuff in.  It’s just an all-around hit.  I should get paid for this advertising. 

Miriam waved back at every single parade particpitant who waved to the audience. She basically waved whenever she wasn’t scrambling for candy.  Love that little doll. 

3 thoughts on “Mid-way through May up to Today

  1. Audible laugh from this reader at the “run on sentence” quip. Followed by a significant rise in saliva production at the thought of homemade doughnuts and Gallo tacos. Followed by me thinking about how soon we can get ourselves to the Old Thyme parade ('13? '14?…hmmm…)


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