Blog deprivation

Do people still read blogs?  I know that personally I’ve whittled my google reader down to a handful of blogs of people for whom reading their blog is an inferior second to spending time with them in person.  People who are either really far away (that’s you Krista, yes the Krista that lives in the neighborhood next to mine), or really clever (that’s you Mere), or have a really special place in my heart (that’s anyone who ever lived with me or Richard). 

What with Pinterest and Facebook and Instagram and all, who has time for actual blogs? Blogs require so much more effort.  Whereas, on FB you can get such an immediate and brief glimpse, and be spared the long commentary.  I used to put great effort into my posts, desiring to entertain my readers.  But it seems like now we have even lost patience with blog posts.  (Anyone else out there a skimmer, like me?)  A quick shot with abbreviated captions on Instgram gives us our fix.  Right? 

I’m not condemning these things.  Just ruminating about the evolution of social media.  I just signed up for Instgram today, and got a little giddy over it.  But because I am a devoted combination of loyal and sentimental, I will probably blog forever, just modifying my audience and motivation along the way. 

But I went ONE MONTH without a post.  That’s a record for me.  I’m going to have to attribute most of that to the sheer BUSY-ness of four kids.  But I am pleased to say, that I’ve been doing a significant amount of thinking in the last six months.  And I’m better for it.  Wish I could say I’ve been doing more reading and exercising and eating well, too.  But I can’t.  And now I’m getting distracted. 

SOoooo…. I’m going to do this catch-up Adri-style without about 70% of her wit and humor.  One long post, with commentary as I feel inspired. 

2 thoughts on “Blog deprivation

  1. its true, the world is changing. however, i am sad that my friends are stopping their blogs. i don't check them all the time, but i do like to be able to see what they have been up too. i don't do facebook, pinterest, or instagram. with so many choices, i find myself spending too much time on the internet. i justify keeping my blog because it is my journal that I keep for my posterity. sometimes, i find myself wishing things were different in the world. you know, not so much technology. its just me, i am weird like that. anyway, jo, please don't stop blogging or writing the way you do, i really enjoy reading about the “baby bird” family:) love you, jo!xoxoxoxo


  2. You know I can't keep up with blogs anymore. 😦 But I much prefer them to facebook or instagram. I like to really hear from/see people. Which, by the way, reminds me that you need to get that husband of yours behind the camera so you can be in some of the pictures!


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