Halloween 2012

 Pumpkin carving- which wasn’t actually done ON Halloween but in preparation for it.  Simon was the only one of the kids who was willing to really dig out the guts of the pumpkin. Everyone else was either not interested in getting dirty or not interested in being chastised by me for accidentally throwing precious pumpkin seeds in the garbage can. 

 I’ve always wanted to do a family costume theme and this is the closest we’ve gotten.  I was pretty proud of myself for throwing together four jedi robes in one week.  They were all made out of felt except Princess Leia’s.  And three cheers for props that are already household items. 

Richard took the kids out trick-or-treating and I stayed home and devoured passed out candy.  Then he brought the littles back and took Cam and Eli out for a second round. The weather was great and the kids didn’t have to wear much at all under their costumes.  Bonus!

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