Elf on the Shelf

I’m keeping up appearances here, for whoever might read this blog. 
Kip is an Elf from the North Pole that comes to visit us in December.  You know, to keep an eye out for Santa and to set a bad example by causing mischief that makes the kids laugh hysterically.  If you are wondering if you should invite an elf to your house, maybe this letter will encourage you. 
P.S. Eli did this entirely on his own.  I wasn’t even sure if the kids remembered Kip.

“Kip I love you I want you
 to come back I love you
very much can you come
back I want you to do that
can you come back
please can you come back”

3 thoughts on “Elf on the Shelf

  1. cute.cute.cute:) we have an elf too, the kids don't see him, he just watches them and if they are good he leaves a treat/present in there shoe that is left on the fireplace:) They LOVE it!!xoxome


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