Mim is THREE

Miriam is such a complex combination of tough and tender.  Sweet and sassy.  Wild and mild.  She has taken my parenting paradigm and knocked it upside down with giggles and glee. 
With manipulative delight she tries to smile her way out of every naughty thing she does.
“You happy Mom?” She asks as she coy-ishly cocks her head to one side.
She is currently testing limits in a new, nerve frazzling way that has both Richard and I mourning the loss of our baby girl that was once more sweet and less sassy.  But one thing that hasn’t changed since she first started to walk is that when I sit cross-legged on the floor, she’ll be in my lap in five seconds flat.
Her mischievous antics drive me mad, but I can see right through them to a little soul who has to compete constantly with her siblings for attention. 
Miriam loves to be social, she loves nursery and music class at the library. She always asks to see her friends and cousins.  She would wear flip-flops year ’round if I let her and she finally “yikes yeggings” under her skirts.  She sucks her thumb more than ever and especially while watching her favorite shows “Yiddle Eindines” and “Micky Mouse Cubhouse.”  

I love Mim. I love painting her fingernails and braiding her hair.  I love the way she looks just like me when she cries her sensitive tears when her feelings have been hurt.  I love her bubbly, active, attention demanding personality and I love having her in our family. 

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