A post two days in a row? Don’t hold your breath for tomorrow.  I’m working backwards here, and since all my pictures from Las Vegas/Disneyland/Ragnar are on my phone (so sad!) I will post them from my phone… sometime…

I ran my second half-marathon on November 3rd, my first since 2009.  It was awesome.  This picture is my weak attempt at looking strong when I had absolutely no strength left.  But that’s actually a really satisfying feeling. 

The weather was really cold at first, but fine once I got running.  I wish the sun would have peeked out a little more, I love running in the sunshine.  It makes me feel like a champion.  But all the leaves were changing and it was a really pretty route out to Hidden Springs and back.  The people of Hidden Springs came out on their porches and cheered us on.  My favorite was a little girl sitting alone on her porch with a sign that said
“Don’t look now, but an elephant is chasin’ ya!”
I guess maybe it’s just the way my body processes adrenaline but I always get really choked-up at the beginning of races.  All the people cheering, all the excitement and anticipation and a little fear.  It’s just a lot for a sentimental girl like me to take in.  Running a race is just an emotional experience for me.
I love how after a couple miles a group forms around you. Your comrades of the 9:45 mile pace.  And when we would pass each other, or get to tough hills, there would be pats on the back, clapping or brief cheers of encouragement.  I felt like I bonded with a couple women in particular who helped push me just a little further up those brutal hills. 
Taking a turn for the cheesy here:
At the end of the race when I saw these women, they smiled at me and congratulated me and I got choked up again. I sort of imagined getting through our mortal experience and meeting our pace comrades in the realms above.  So much love, so much gratitude, so much relief.
“We made it!” We say to each other.
“You were strong when I was weak, and I was strong when you were weak. And together we made it.”
Ahem.  Okay.  I hope you didn’t just throw up in your mouth.   I need to stop, because writing this post has me choked up all over again!


5 thoughts on “Zietgeist

  1. I teared up when you bore your testimony about this experience in church, and I loved reading it here too. It makes so much sense and I can totally invision that in heaven when our time on earth is through:) love ya, jo!


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