Turning 31 is Anticlimactic

So I wrote about the Whole30 back in February or something.  After finishing that, all I wanted to do for my birthday was go bowling and eat the kind of food you find at bowling alleys.  French fries and nachos made with processed cheese.  Which we did.  And it was as anticlimactic as turning 31.  Processed cheese is still, well, gross. 
Bowling however, is RAD.
Ohmygosh! Is Cameron making the duck face? #themomentyourkidiscoolerthanyou
And… #themomentyouhashtagtolookcooler
Before I know it he will be taking dozens of selfies with my old iPhone.  Oh wait. He already does that. 
 Okay fine grumpy, I’ll try with a child who adores me.
That’s better.
 Richard must be the parent he REALLY loves. 
And I think that meets my quota for pictures of myself on this blog for the year.  And only in February…

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