Easter… again. Every year it comes. Imagine that.

Is there anything in life that isn’t some sort of balancing act?  The sentimental, traditionalist, secular, sugar-addict part of me loves Easter.  So does the spiritual part of me.  It’s tricky making holidays be about what they are supposed to be about while still enjoying the… um… commercialized part of them. 

I had a hard time with that last sentence.  Is there any justification for consumerism?

What with Facebook and Pinterest it’s super easy to get caught up in the adorable and fun ideas for holidays.  So when I saw an article floating around making a request to mothers/parents everywhere to chill out a bit with the holiday festivities, I was worried it was going to rain on my over-achiever parade.  It wasn’t like that so much, though.  It just politely asked that together we all tone it down a bit to settle the expectations of our entitled children.  For example, do we really need a leprechaun to bring gifts for the kids?  Can we just stick with wearing green on St. Patty’s day? Fair enough. 

So we combined plastic eggs full of chocolate and jelly beans with our Resurrection Rolls from last year and had a wonderful morning.

Whatever we decided to do on Easter, we couldn’t have asked for a more glorious spring day.  It was so beautiful.  Just like these hooligan children of mine. 

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