Cameron turned eight this year.  EIGHT is a big one around here.  He started Scouts and his baptism is scheduled for May 4th.  He couldn’t be more thrilled about his opportunity to be the center of attention. I think he’s excited about the ordinance too. 

Cameron is a sports announcer in the making.  He lives, breaths, sleeps, reads all things sports.  Driving in the car there is the constant hum of Cameron’s color commentary from the back seat.  It’s intense people. 

He is also Mr. Social, always wondering when we can invite people for dinner, when he can have a play date; making sure we attend every church and school activity.  He loves to be busy with social things.  He also loves structure, he asks me incessantly about what our “plan” is.  What’s our plan for lunch, what’s our plan for the weekend, what’s our plan for the day, the homework plan, the chores plan, the reading plan.  Someday our little Mr. Organized is going to rock the spreadsheet. 

Cam continues to have a hypersensitive conscience.  He’s the kind of kid that you just give him “the look” and he falls in line.  He is prone to guilt and eager to please.   (These are the things I know he gets from me, and it gives me a little anxiety worrying he will be insecure.) 

He is also a bit of a manipulator.  As demonstrated by the contract below, he exercises dominion over his desperate younger brother.  He is the oldest child, I think bossy is written in his code. 

Cameron does well in school, and we really feel so blessed by his genuine desire to do the right thing.  Sometimes a little ego and self-absorption keep him from feeling empathy and compassion, but we’re going to assume that will develop with age. 

For his birthday he got a basketball hoop, a “real” one that he plays on the back patio for hours at a time.  Before school, after school, whenever he can sneak away.  It was well worth the $$ that’s all I can say…

Scriptures from Baca and Grandpa Bird for the big #8.  Let a new tradition be born!

There have been similar contracts about Eli keeping the room clean while Cameron is at school, and Eli choosing Madden 09 instead of MarioKart when it’s his turn to pick the Wii game. 
March madness has invaded my house.  I’m finding homemade brackets everywhere. 
Cameron and I went to see the Harlem Globetrotters together.  He loved it, therefore I loved it by association.

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