Goodbye to Our Phoenix Heights Apartment


A crooked picture of our apartment building. This is from the back, our apartment is the top one, but on the opposite side of the building.

Today is our last day in our apartment.  I have mixed feelings about this.  There are so many things I’m not going to miss. For example, all the doors in the apartment are spring loaded and close automatically.  I understand this is for fire safety but it’s quite a pain, it makes for difficult temperature control for one thing.  And it’s also really impractical with the kids.  The kids sleep on the first floor and we are up on the third floor and although you can hear surprisingly well from top to bottom due to the small spaces, if our door was closed at night and the kids doors were closed we would never hear Eli wailing when his leg fell asleep or Simon whimpering because he wet the bed.  Wait a minute… maybe I’ve misjudged the value of the spring-loaded doors…  But in the meantime I’ve been propping open the doors with our huge suitcases.

I also won’t miss being on the 20th floor and worrying about what the kids are dropping out the windows or throwing over the patio wall.  But then of course there are so many things I WILL miss.  I will miss being on the 20th floor with almost an entire panoramic view of the city, especially the view at night.  

I will not miss living in the financial district which is not family friendly, it is a hustle and bustle and we are constantly battling commuter crowds.  But I WILL miss living in the financial district with the smart looking people in their business suits and all the posh shops and restaurants.  

I will not miss living with something else’s belongings and worrying about what my kids are doing to them.  But I will miss having the maid come and clean.  

It has also been hard to maintain any kind of kitchen.  I mostly buy only what I need to make a single meal, which has its advantages but can also be problematic when I go to saute the veggies and have no olive oil or anything that resembles it.  I will not miss having empty cupboards and an empty refrigerator.  But I will miss having per diem and eating out at tasty new places.   

I’ve really come to love Canary Wharf. I’m familiar with the trains around here and the restaurants.  I love running along the river.  I like the simplicity of our apartment with so few belongings.  But we are so done living out of suitcases.  We moved out of our house in Kuna on June 4, so it has been a full month of transition.  We’ve packed up our suitcases and changed locations four times now.  We are all jonesin’ for some stability.   This week we took a little road trip and Simon was so confused about where we live.  In a hotel? In the apartment? At Baca’s house?  In our new house?  

So tomorrow we will go to church, and then when church is over we will walk down the hill to our new, completely empty house where we will meet up with the agent and the key.  Then Richard gets the pleasure of using our little car to shuttle our 12 suitcases from the apartment to our house.  And hopefully IKEA will deliver our mattresses so we can have something to sleep on besides the hardwood floors.  

Parks have been our saving grace the last three weeks.  This one is our favourite- Sir Jon McDougal Gardens.  We all loved this cool swing.  


I was so proud of Eli for climbing this rope pyramid. He isn’t usually one to try scary things but he did it. I love these little confidence boosters as a mom. I can just see it in his face that he was proud of himself too.


And of course Mim can never be outdone by her brothers.

One thought on “Goodbye to Our Phoenix Heights Apartment

  1. That is a great park. So happy you are getting into a house but the apartment did have some nice perks such as the maid and per diem. New adventure and Simon will now know where be is living. Thanks for sharing. 😀💂👍


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