I’m still working on posting this holiday… maybe my subconscious just wants to keep re-living it every couple of weeks. 

If I was a good photographer I would have been able to do something cool with these colorful staircases…

On Thursday evening after we got back from Dover castle we went back into Ramsgate for dinner and had Fish N Chips again.  Then we took a walk down by the beach.  It was breezy and cool but that didn’t stop a few beach goers.  For awhile we watched a man doing some sort of sailing/surfing.  He would ride the board out, with the wind pulling his sail, and then coast back in.  He did it over and over.   I want to put it on my bucket-list; whatever it is. 

I wanted to try to get one of those cool jumping pictures that are all the rage for bridesmaids and best men and weddings these days.  This is what I got instead.  

The next morning was Friday, the 4th of July.  We wanted to do something patriotic so we went to a WWII museum.  It was small and had two exhibits: a Spitfire and a Hurricane.  Those were the two British bomber aircraft flown during the war.  The boys weren’t too impressed at the time, but now that they’ve learned so much they are dying to go back and see them again.  

The coolest part for me was that there were three old men there, and two of them had been pilots during the war.  They took their jobs so seriously, even though I’m sure they just volunteer their time there.  They answered all our questions and took pictures for us.  


The “Hurricane”

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