Date Night


I didn’t feel like carrying my nice camera around all night so these are all cell phone pictures. This is Maze Hill.

Mindy asked if we would be interested in swapping kids for a chance to go out and that sounded fantastic so last night we dropped off our kids at their flat and walked to Greenwich for dinner.  

It had been pouring rain all afternoon so it was misty and muggy but the view from the top of Maze Hill was still beautiful.  We walked down the hill and into Greenwich Village and chose a Mediterranean place called “Papa Charlies”. We tried to pick a place that looked the least family friendly, to really capitalize on our freedom.  There was a family that came in though, with adorable tow-headed twins, a boy and girl just around John and Catie’s ages and we sighed over them.  

Richard had Guvec and I had Mousaka and they were both delicious.  Our server was a sweet and gentle girl from Italy, working in London for the summer, with a rhinestone in her lateral incisor that sparkled when she smiled and I wanted to ask her to sit with us during dessert because I wanted to know her life story.  


Me and my frizzy crazy mop. We found another one of the book benches, this one is The Origin of Species by Darwin.

Richard was feeling left out since the kids and I had been to Greenwich park twice without him so we decided to walk back to the Farmer’s flat by way of the park.  It was so quiet and serene at dusk.  Sometimes we can’t believe this is our life.  (GAG.)  But really.  

The view from the park hill. The tall buildings to the right are Canary Wharf, which is just across the river from Greenwich. You can see the city skyline further away, just above the trees on the left side.

As we were leaving the park Richard started to tell me about the Royal Post letter boxes throughout the city.  I love postcards and have been trying to send them off to my dearly beloveds across the ocean so Eli has made a game out of finding letter boxes for me when we are out and about.  

Richard explained to me that he had learned that each letter box has the cipher of the reigning King or Queen from the time it was built/placed.  Richard said he had seen quite a few already from Queen Elizabeth II, which is no surprise seeing as how she has been queen for the last 60+ years and Richard spends most of his time in Canary Wharf, a more recently developed part of the city.  But no sooner had we left the park then we saw one- and this one has the cipher of King George V, who ruled from 1910-1936.  Pretty old letter box, eh?  Much to our delight, after we’d walked a block or so we came across another one.  We didn’t get a picture of that one because it was getting dark, but it was Queen Victoria, who ruled until 1901, which was the first year the letter boxes existed.  A letter box that was 113 years old.  We told Eli about this new discovery as soon as we picked up the kids and his eyes lit up.  His game just became much more exciting.  

Aside from our one hour dates at IKEA when the kids played in Smaland this was our first chance to be together in a couple months.  It was nice and the kids had a really good time playing at someone else’s house for the first time in a couple months as well.  In fact we laughed because when we dropped them off they were gone lickety-split without so much as a good-bye.  

One thought on “Date Night

  1. That crazy frizzy mop is what I lived with for many many years until hand held hair dryers and hair straighteners (flat irons) were invented.


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