I’m not an extremely social person.  Even with my closest friends in Kuna I was rarely proactive about setting up play-dates or girl’s nights out.  But I do have a deep need for friendship.  What I really long for is that safety net of acceptance and support.  I need to know that people around me care about me, and when I need to talk or get out there are people who want to do that with me.  Despite being inept at initiating social outings, I am always really satisfied and grateful when someone else initiates a social outing and includes me. 

On Friday morning my new friend Myriam came over to chat with me about our church service.  She is a twenty-something, newlywed who works as a nanny.   A very good one I am sure, after seeing her around my kids.  We talked for two and half hours and could have gone on much longer if my kids didn’t need to eat.  Her mother is French and her father from Morocco.  He lives there part time and she visits quite often.  Her husband was born in London but his parents are from Ghana and the Congo.  It felt so good to have an adult conversation and to make a British friend.  

My first Sunday here I met Nicole- she is from Minnesota but has lived in London for eight years and for an amateur linguist like myself I couldn’t tell she was American at first.  But it’s funny how we adapt and sometimes when she and I are talking her British accent slips.  In fact she said that people have said her husband (a through and through Englishman) sounds American.   Anyway- she has three adorable little girls that Miriam fell in love with instantly.  Their names are Ninette (5), Persephone(4) and Morrigan(2) and we hear nothing but “Ninette and Poppy” all day every day from Mim.   On Friday Nicole invited us over to play and then our husbands joined us for dinner.  

I don’t consider myself a shy person or an introvert, but I do have insecurities that make me nervous about making friends in a new city and a little unsure if I’m the kind of person someone would like to spend time with.  (I’m NOT fishing for compliments or reassurances here, I’m just trying to be honest.)  So I felt really relieved on Friday night that I had the chance to get to know these great ladies and I’m really excited to have friends and spend more time with them.   I knew I wanted to make friends and I have always considered inclusion and belonging to be a basic human need, but I was surprised about how good it really did feel to be connected here.  


Our new friends have the best dress-up wardrobe ever!


Eli the magician was pulling all kinds of things out of that sparkly hat.


Cameron reads to the littles.

15 thoughts on “Friendship

  1. i really love this post jo, because i too have found that strangers can become our dearest friends. If we only take the time to get to know someone. I think alot of the time we think that it is to much work or you pre judge someone and don’t think you would have anything in common with them…i have found that everyone i talk too, i have something in common with them, even if it is something small, And a friendship is born…The world is so big with so many friendships to be made…aren’t we lucky:):) i am so happy for you that you got to experience such a great time in peru, i look forward to more pictures:)


  2. Wow! I am just amazed again and again. I love your descriptions of everything– you’re a very talented and thoughtful writer. What a once-in-a-lifetime experience!p.s. I love your DH sweatshirt… I have that exact one in my closet still too!


  3. Such cute pics of Si and Mim. I’m so happy to hear you’re making some friends. Just remember, despite any inadequacies you’re friends here (ie Me) may have in keeping in touch with you, we love and miss you!!


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