Weekend Recap

Saturday we spent the day at home.  The Farmer kids came over so that their parents could enjoy a day of sight-seeing without three kids in tow.  It was wild around here with seven kids, especially since our stuff hasn’t come and we have virtually no toys.  But kids have good imaginations and then when they don’t there is always the telly.  

Richard had gone to buy a T.V. a week ago and the T.V. he wanted wasn’t in stock so he decided to order it online.  But then when he got online he saw that there was a much larger T.V. for the same price so he went for that one instead.  When it was delivered on Friday we weren’t home so they left it with the neighbor.  That is pretty typical I think, and very convenient since the neighbor’s door is approximately four feet from our door.   When we got home Friday night Richard went to get it from our neighbor she opened the door and stared at him blankly for a second and then said 

“Oh yeah! Huge telly!” 

After a couple frustrating hours of t.v. assembly, Google searching, reviewing the product reviews (I recommend doing this BEFORE making the purchase) we decided it was a bad T.V. and we needed to return it.  So on Saturday Richard and Cameron took it back and came home with a smaller, but better quality T.V. Suffice it to say that the kids were pretty excited to have a T.V. again.  

Richard also “mowed” the grass in the garden, which took all of eight minutes.  And that was probably only because it was his first time.  
We set another goal for breakfast/scriptures this week and the reward was a family movie night.  At the beginning of the week I had been perusing through Amazon Instant Video and saw The Wizard of Oz, so at our trip to the library I got a copy of the book for Cameron and a simplified/abridged version for Eli.  I’ve made a rule at the library that each week I get to pick a book for the boys to read.  (WWII books and Sci-Fi don’t make for very well-rounded literary exposure.)  Both boys finished their books by Saturday night so we made cookies and popcorn and watched The Wizard of Oz. 

I think the kids liked it, Simon kept saying “The one with the green face is MAD, Mommy.”  And Miriam was a little spooked by those creepy monkeys.  I was too for that matter.  

Saturday night I started feeling pain in my ribs and back, which happens to me every three or four months.  It’s awful but I can take a muscle relaxant that keeps me from getting tense, because that makes the pain worse.  The medication works wonderfully but I become a totally relaxed zombie so I slept most of the day on Sunday and Richard took the kids to church by himself.  But by Monday i was feeling mostly normal again.  

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