Mama’s Day Out

We had thrown around some ideas for the second Saturday during my parent’s visit, but logistics for the eight of us are tricky and nothing really worked out.  When I realized we had no real plans I capitalized on the opportunity to be a tourist sans children.  So Saturday morning my parents and I left Richard at home with the kids and a long housekeeping list, and rode the train into the city.  

First stop- Trafalgar Square. I loved it here! It was just fun, exciting, busy, just so London. Trafalgar was a naval battle during the Napoleonic wars that was a turning point for English freedom and confidence. The hero of the battle was Admiral Lord Nelson, who this monument was erected for.


The National Portrait Gallery- we didn’t go in, but it’s going on my list of places to visit next year with all four kids are in school full-time.


The floating Yoda. I love buskars. I love their creativity (even though some just copy the ideas of others) and I love the fun and entertainment they add to public venues.

It was so lovely wandering through the city with my parents.  It was a perfect day, not too hot, not too cool, although I dressed a little too warm.  My dad loves to walk, LOVES to walk, so we just walked.  We walked through Trafalgar Square and through Soho and Chinatown and Covent Garden and Picadilly Circus and all the way back to Buckingham Palace.  

I really loved wandering through the streets of Soho.  We just walked up and down streets that were busy with the lives of the locals.  There weren’t tourist shops or anything particularly famous, just London life for the Bohemian Soho residents.  It felt so authentic and hip.  Although I’m sure we stuck out like a sore thumb


Street in Soho. I just loved those giant light bulbs.




This guy was so hilarious, possibly one of my favorites ever. He had a good sense of humor, like stand-up comedian type material. I couldn’t stop smiling. I’m smiling as I type this.


We ate lunch at this crepes place in Covent Garden. So divine. We shared a combo of sweet and savory crepes. Europeans do cheese and chocolate right.

After Covent Garden we split up and my dad went off to do more walking while my mom and I headed toward the Benjamin Franklin house.  Unfortunately we had just missed a tour so we walked down to Buckingham Palace and then caught a train home to rescue Richard from domesticity.  

It was such a lovely day.  Now I just need more visitors! Consider yourself invited!

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