My Mum

Public expressions of love and gratitude for other family members is not the Hall way.  (Even such private affections don’t come easily it seems.) But since I’m rebellious and I occasionally like to deliberately stray from the patterns of my family of origin, I’m going to do this anyway. 

For the last eight years we lived in the same town as our parents, which meant that my mom never stayed with us for extended periods of time.  If I was sick or in need of help she would come over and load my dish washer or entertain my kids.  But we never had the pleasure of her company 24/7.  

Having her here in London was such a blessing.  She came at just the right time, the kids were all starting school and I had a learning curve about buses to and from school and it was so helpful to be able to have her either here at home with Mim and Simon, or going to and from the school with me.  Together we memorized bus times, met the teachers, sorted out transportation and then when Richard and I left for Ireland she was totally capable of running the ship without me.  In fact, she did it without me before I ever had to do it without her.  

On top of being my personal assistant to make the adjustment of the kids school schedules, she was so helpful around the house. My mom is not idle.  After a meal she was always cleaning up.  She also folded laundry, bathed children, and brushed teeth.  The kids also had her undivided attention, she was engaged with them, read them books and took them on little outings.  

Saying goodbye to her this time was much harder than saying goodbye when we left Boise.  The morning we left Boise I was running on adrenaline, I was excited and focused on what was ahead of me, and I was the one embarking on the adventure. (And I knew I would see her in just a couple months.)  Early this morning as she left with Richard to go to the airport it was me who was left behind.  I will miss her companionship. It was so pleasant having another adult to go out and explore with.  It was nice to have someone to talk to and someone to pick up my slack during the day when I was tired or my patience ran out.  She was here for a month and I’m not sure how well I’m going to do without her help. 

I love you Mom.  You are a wonderful example of unselfish service and hard work.  Sharing my life here with you was everything I hoped it would be, and your enthusiasm was noticed and appreciated.  I will miss you and I look forward to your next visit. 

4 thoughts on “My Mum

  1. Ah, but I’ve always felt that for what we may lack in volume and frequency, we more than make up in meaning, sincerity and substantive thought. 🙂


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