Tall Ships Festival

On Friday night my mom offered to watch the kids so Richard and I could go out, we decided to go check out the Tall Ships Festival in Greenwich.  It was fun, with all kinds of festival-ish things like buskars and fried food.  We also walked through Greenwich Market, which I’ve been wanting to do for awhile.  Usually the markets are all closed down by 6:00 in the evening but they stayed open late for the festival.  

I didn’t take any pictures of the books at the market but there was a woman selling these origami books (I found this picture online).  They were so neat! We talked to her for a bit and she told us about how part of her art is finding a books that are well made and well written, quality product and content.  She also doesn’t cut any pages, in case you want to read the book at any point.  

It’s always so hard to choose what to eat at a London market.  I finally settled on these mini-pancakes, which reminded me of aebiskivers actually.  I chose toffee topping with chopped nuts. MMMMMM.  

There were a lot of things I wanted to take pictures of but I didn’t have my camera but I couldn’t resist this one- Richard and I were cracking up. 

On Saturday our friend Jeremy from back home flew in so Richard left to spend the day with him, and my mom and I took the kids back to the Tall Ships Festival.  
I really couldn’t figure out what all the fuss was about this giant pool of water with miniature sailboats in it, but the kids loved it.  They just stood there at the edge for the longest time, trying to catch the boats and then send them back out to “sea.”
Eli loves magic tricks, he is always making up his own magic tricks, so when I saw this sailor doing tricks I pulled Eli away from the mini sailboats.  The guy did this really cool trick with some magic red balls that looked like clown noses.  They just kept multiplying and multiplying.  The sailor handed the first ball to Eli and told him to squeeze his hand really hard, so he did and when he opened it there were two balls.  I wish I could have capture the look of delight and astonishment on his face when he opened his fist.  It made my day.  The trick went on and on until there were 9 balls, and when the last person squeezed them all together and opened their hands, out came 9 small balls and one large ball.  It blew my mind.  And Eli’s too.  There was a woman literally begging the sailor to tell her how he did it.  

Mim called this Rapunzel’s Tower, but it was just a really tall slide. I loved it- and despite a little apprehension the kids all loved it too.

There really weren’t too many tall ships to see, they were docked at wharfs throughout the city and not just in Greenwich, but there were a lot of other fun things going on.  Including these giant scorpion crabs, that from a distance the kids all loved.  But then the guy who was steering the crab turned it right toward us and pretended it was going to “get” us.  SImon lost it- he burst into tears, uncontrollable sobs of fear. I felt so badly for him but I couldn’t stop laughing either.  I had to get him away as fast as possible though, and then later when there was a close encounter he shrieked in fear again.  When he told Richard about it he didn’t act scared at all, he just said matter-of-factly that there were giant crabs and we had to protect ourselves from them. (In Simons words of course.) 
We met up with Richard and Jeremy for dinner at Goddard’s and the kids just warmed right up to Jeremy.  The Tuckers are such good friends of ours, and I think Simon and Miriam in particular were just so thrilled to have this visitor from back home.  

After dinner we walked back along the pier and saw a few more ships before calling it a night and heading back home.  

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