Baca Bird!!

Baca Bird came to visit in October.  It was a sweet reunion! She flew in on a Sunday so we took her up to Greenwich Park. 

Our favorite view of Canary Wharf.


A little American football on the side…


Greenwich Park in Autumn.

The first week she was here the kids were still in school.  So on Monday we took Simon to Canary Wharf and met up with Richard for lunch at Wahaca.  (Mexican street food with a British twist, and sooooo tasty.) 
On Monday night Baca taught our FHE lesson and it was a really memorable experience for the kids.  She shared the story of her upbringing, the difficult moments in her life and how she gained the knowledge and strength she needed to change the course of her life for the better.  It was really powerful.  Well done Baca.  

Tuesday we went shopping on Oxford Street.  It was a little overwhelming, and we were in a bit of a hurry to meet Richard at Kensington Palace, but fortunately Julie got a second chance at Oxford Street with Gordon a week or two later. 




Kensington Palace

It was hard to really experience Kensington Palace with Simon in tow, and we were on a schedule because we had to be back in time to pick up the kids at school. But we had a fun time soaking up the glamour and glitz and we really liked the Fashion Exhibit, with several of Princess Diana’s old gowns.  

There was also a long hall with benches that had cushions of past and present Royal family members embroidered on them.  (You can see William and Kate in the photo on the right below.) 

Julie and I also did a lot of shopping at the market and shops close by where we live.  She was also able to go to Cameron and Eli’s class assemblies at their school.  Cameron’s class did a performance about the Tudor’s. Eli was a news reporter along with his best buddy Kayden, discussing Guy Fawkes and the foiled Gunpowder Plot.  Total mom fail and I didn’t get any pictures.  

Julie also helped out with my seminary class, babysat so Richard and I could go out, and did a lot of grandchild entertaining.  She got lots of bus-riding experience and walking walking walking.  We went to Borough Market, and ate fish and chips.  And this was all before Gordon came…

One thought on “Baca Bird!!

  1. What a great post Jo! Thank you for the kind words. When I read back on it, I remember just what a fabulous time we had. Thank you for being the worlds best tour guide and hostess. I miss you guys!


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