Riverford Farms


“Aaaaahhh- choooo!”

You have drive a fair distance out of the city to find a pumpkin patch around here.  We get a veg delivery every other week from an organic farm in the countryside and they have a fall festival that seemed like the perfect break from the city, and gave Julie a chance to see the English countryside.  

There was all sorts of fun to be had.  A live ukulele band, a giant plaster cow that you could milk, a football shoot-out, pumpkin carving, yummy soups and sausages, face painting, kids coloring, worm-digging.  It was on the cold side, so it wasn’t quite the warm fall day I had dreamed of.  But we had a good time and it’s always nice to breath some fresh air. 


It’s hard to kick a goal with wellies on.


Sometimes I’m such a weirdo- but I totally got emotional watching the band. They were having so much fun and they were really good and my kids were clapping along and and and…


There is an episode of Peppa the Pig called “Muddy Puddles” and it has made my kids obsessed with muddy puddles. Even little ones.


She loves getting her face painted. I think she likes to feel glam.


The OCD in me was dying over the asymmetry of this butterfly…


The boys colored masks while Mim had her face painted.

Richard and I are quickly learning that these outings always take longer than we think they will.  And that is usually because of traffic.  Driving 40 miles in Idaho would take 35 minutes.  Driving 40 miles in England easily takes two hours.  So it took the better part of our Saturday, but we returned home in time to order Rox Burger and watch the pre-recorded BSU v. BYU game- which was a sweet taste of home and reminded us all of Saturday football parties with the Birds.  

One thought on “Riverford Farms

  1. I’m still loving all of these posts and these adventures but am equally happy and in love that you could get a burger and watch American football with the birds just like the ol’ days!


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