Picking a Christmas Tree & Mim’s Party

On the first Saturday of December we bought a Christmas tree, brought it home, and then I sent Richard and the boys back out the door during Miriam’s birthday party.  The family rule is that you get to have a party with friends when you turn five and when you turn eight.  So this was Mim’s first “friend” party.  

But first- the Christmas tree.  


This one!


No! It has to be this one!

Even Fancy Nancy knows that it’s always Mom who gets to pick the tree.  It was almost the shortest tree there, but my Christmas motto this year was to keep it simple, and since we  had less than ten ornaments I figured small was fabulous.  

They had this nifty device to bag the tree up for you and Richard said he wanted one to put the kids through when they got too crazy.   It was nice though, because we bought the tree at the local market, so Richard had to carry it home in his arms and this was much easier.  

I’ll pause here to say that I know that there are mothers/parents out there who are very careful to distinguish December birthdays from Christmas, and perhaps they are shuddering at my obvious lack of doing so, but Mim loved every minute of the jumbled day, whether it was Christmas or her birth that we were celebrating.  

We didn’t have time to decorate the tree before the party. So back to that later..

I saw on Tanya’s blog that she had done a little painting party for her daughter.  We live really close to where they lived so I asked her the name of the shop and called them.  The way it works is that you go to the shop, buy the ceramics you want to paint, and then they lend you the painting supplies and you can do all the painting in your own home.  It was really simple and worked out really well.  (Except I just realized the other day – weeks after the party- that I never picked up the finished products after glazing. Ha!)

We just invited four girls, and Svana couldn’t come because she was sick.  So it was just four of them all together.  I forgot to take photos of the painting, but they had a really fun time with it, despite the three of us mothers wanting them to do it our way. 

After painting we played BINGO and then had cake and ice cream.  

Mim, Ilhem, Ninette (can you tell why Mim loves her?) and Persephone.


Mim calling BINGO.

After the party the boys all came home and we decorated the Christmas tree.  We cut out paper chains and hung the few ornaments we’ve collected from our travels and that Baca Hall sent us.

For the life of me I couldn’t get any decent pictures.  My camera is still a mystery to me.   

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