Southbank Christmas Market

There are so many Christmas markets in London.  There are also so many events and festivals and obligations in December too.  I’d heard that the Southbank Christmas Market was not to be missed so Simon and I checked it out.  The afternoon started out sunny enough, but don’t be fooled.  It was COLD.  

I’d never been to the South bank before, and it seems like a happening place.  It is just across the river from Westminster and Whitehall and that fun part of the city.  There are restaurants all along the river walkway and it’s close to the London Eye. Sometimes when I go out by myself I make mental lists about potential date nights, but those never happen so the list is getting really long.  

The market was really festive, there were Santa Claus street buskers (that Simon seemed to be both attracted to and afraid of) and a youth school choir singing carols.   

There was so much delicious food and I had wanted to buy a Christmas ornament but I forgot to get cash.  So we bought a waffle with what money I did have and it was divine.  It wasn’t nearly enough for the two of us though.   The waffle texture and flavor was so good and the bacon and maple syrup were a bonus.  (I wouldn’t normally have chosen the bacon and maple waffle, but I was sharing with no-dairy Simon so it was our best choice.)  

We wandered through the market for a bit, but I wasn’t having any luck finding a cash machine so we decided to cross the river and spot a few more Paddington bears on the trail through Westminster.  


Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament from the south bank.


The London Eye – from the Golden Jubilee footbridge.


Whitehall from across the river.


Whitehall up close.

We walked along the river, in front of Whitehall, which is beautiful up close.  I’d never walked there before.  And then my phone died, totally randomly.  I had no way of finding the Paddington statues without my phone and it was so cold outside that we just went to a cafe, ate brownies and hot chocolate and then took the train home.  

Flexibility is the name of the game for London outings.  I was disappointed that it wasn’t the experience I had hoped for, and sometimes going to the city feels like such an effort that I hate it when it feels wasted.  But I remind myself not to lose perspective.  Any outing in London is worthwhile.  

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