Switzerland – Day 2

We woke up Saturday morning to Miriam’s shrieks of delight over the snow.  She was so excited- Richard says it was a highlight of the vacation for him, hearing her run around in gleeful delight.  
We ate breakfast and watched German cartoons for a bit but the kids were really anxious to go out and play. So we suited up and spent the rest of the morning outside.  

My Christmas Eve shopping trip paid off well. I bought all four kids “ski trousers” for only £20 total. They were on clearance at H&M, and I bought the matching coat for Simon (£5) because it was the only coat left in the right size.


Parents out there probably know exactly what that tongue is doing… Tissue please?

We built a snowman, and then Mim and I were cold so we went inside while the boys had a snowball fight.  
After the kids all came inside they watched more German t.v. while we waited for their coats to dry.  My kids are such couch potatoes. They don’t even care if they can’t understand what’s going on. 

We also did this puzzle we found on a bookcase at the chalet. It was missing ONE piece. Excruciating.

Once we were all sufficiently dry and hungry we drove into a town called Wettingen, where we did a little shopping. (Boots for Richard, a new puzzle, a phone charger/adapter and some gloves for me.)  

I was still jonesin’ big time for some fondue so we asked a few people but either their English wasn’t great, or their directions weren’t great, or both, and we ended up at a hamburger restaurant.  We ordered crepes for the kids, because that was easy.  But the menu was in German and so Richard and I spent at least 20 minutes using Google translate to try to figure out what we were ordering.  The hamburger was different than any hamburger I’ve ever had, it wasn’t round for one thing, but it was really yummy.  And of course I ordered it with cheese- but not like any cheese I’ve ever had on a hamburger before.  Even though fondue was irritatingly elusive, I was never disappointed with the food.  

After that we stopped at a Migros – the Swiss grocery chain- and I did some legitimate grocery shopping, we drove back home.  

(That is the short version.  The long version includes a story about me going to the store, Richard taking the kids back to the car in the parking garage, Richard getting to the parking garage exit and realizing he didn’t have the right money, abandoning the kids in the car at the parking garage exit to run to a cash machine, the kids smiling at concerned onlookers from inside the locked car, and Richard getting some ridiculous amount of francs in coins.)  


At the shopping centre – because apparently these things are cool no matter what country you’re in.


A church in Rekingen.


Richard has Swiss/German clients and he says that the German language has a repuation for making words by just smashing other words together. Every street is the street name, with street at the end. For example- Fairviewstreet. Caterhamstreet.


A nice cozy fire in the evening.

We spent the rest of the day/evening inside, playing cards, watching Swiss t.v., reading books and working on the new puzzle. 

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