Switzerland – Day 3 : Zurich


Fraumunster Church on the Limmat River – Zurich

Sunday morning we drove up to a town near Zurich to attend church.  I’ve never been to a Sacrament meeting that was all done in another language, and that was a fun experience in and of itself.  They did have a translator, so we all wore headphones so we could hear the English translation.  But it was also fun to just listen to the German.  

There was so much snow in Zurich, and it snowed all day.  We found a restaurant on Yelp that was nearby, and served fondue!  So we drove up into the hills outside Zurich and found this total gem of a restaurant.  Totally off the beaten path, it was glowing with Swiss charm.  


The Swiss restaurant in the hills.

We arrived around 1:00pm, and were told that they didn’t serve fondue or raclette until 3:00. We were really hungry and cold, and we knew the food would be good no matter what, so we took a table.  It was a really nice restaurant, and it was definitely our most expensive meal.  The menu was in English which was nice, so Richard and I both tried something new but of course now I can’t remember the names of our dishes.  It was a really warm and cozy place, with fun little coloring packets and activities for the kids, and it was a nice Sunday afternoon meal.  

And as a fun side note- there were a lot people in the restaurant with their dogs. And the server would bring out a bowl of water for the dog too, as if it happens all the time.  The dogs were all well-behaved.  It was this sort of understanding that pets were welcome and owners were responsible and only brought pets who wouldn’t be a fuss.   There was a golden retriever at the table next to ours and it made me miss Misha.  

After we ate we drove into Zurich to explore a bit.  We parked the car and all got out but only walked about two blocks before Simon started crying about being cold.  It was really cold, so Richard took Simon back to the car and the older three kids and I took a walk along Lake Zurich.  
Richard drove by and picked up the kids and I kept walking for a bit.  Despite being really cold, it was really peaceful along the lake.  And snowflakes falling makes everything feel more serene.  

Snowflakes in front of the lens were a fixture of my Switzerland photo-taking experience. And I loved it.

I walked across the bridge and then Richard picked me up and we drove to the Grossmunster (Great Minster. Munster=cathedral or church.)  Richard and the kids stayed in the car again and I just walked around to see the oldest part of the city and the cathedral.  

Grossmunster- Commissioned by Charlemagne and completed in 1220.


This isn’t my photo- it is from Wikipedia because I couldn’t get a photo this good. I love stained glass, but this stained glass window above the main portal was so unique.


The portal and stained glass window above, from the outside.


Classic cobblestone roads in old town Zurich.

I hopped back in the car and we drove back to Rekingen for a warm and relaxing evening of cards, books and puzzles.  

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