Switzerland: Day 6 – Basel Part I


Basel & the Rhine.

We decided to spend our last night in Basel because our flight was so early in the morning on Thursday.  Someone had also told us about fireworks in Basel on New Year’s Eve, and it saved us some money to return the rental car a day early.  Wednesday morning we cleaned up, packed up, loaded up and headed out.  It was sad to say good-bye to our dear chalet.  

Simon wanted me to take his picture with the sleds. And that broom- throwback! When I was at Migros I noticed that those are the brooms they sell.


Funny story about AUSFAHRT. After the first day or two of driving around I started to get really confused about where we were because I kept seeing signs for the town of Ausfahrt everywhere. Near Zurich there was an exit for Ausfahrt, and then back up by the German border, another exit for Ausfahrt. Finally Richard pointed out to me that ausfahrt is the German word for EXIT.


A sleepy Mim & Annabelle on the bus.


Eli adopted Richard’s hat (they have a similar sized head, interestingly) to be his magician’s hat.

We returned the rental car at the airport, took a bus from the airport to the train station, and then took a tram to our hotel.  Things got a little crazy at the train station because we had all our luggage, plus the car seats and Richard was trying to find out what kind of tickets we needed to take the tram. (Turns out we didn’t need tickets at all.  Chalk that one up to the language barrier and 30 francs later…) 

The kids were a little restless and at one point one of them said to me “Mom. Why is everyone staring at us?” 
Bird Family Circus.  


Eli performing magic tricks at the train station.

After we checked in at the hotel we took the tram back into the old part of town to eat some lunch and explore.  We settled on another pizza place – it was tasty but not as good as the one in Zurich.  We ran into the same problem on this day as we did on our first day- National Holiday.  So none of the museums were open, which was disappointing because there was a paper mill museum that gets rave reviews.  We took the kids to see some frozen fountains, and they pretended to ice skate on the snow.

It was really cold.

While watching the ice skating performances Richard and I discussed our options for entertaining the kids in a cold, mostly shut-down city.   Eventually we concluded that the kids were done with Switzerland.  Richard took the them back to the hotel where it was warm and they watched movies. Richard took a hot shower and had a nice nap and I hit the town.  Just me and my camera and a few Swiss francs. 

I once read somewhere that famous American celebrities do adverts in other countries that would otherwise be “beneath” them in the U.S. Classic example right here. Could you imagine George Clooney doing a Keurig ad?


The Hammering Man- He is part of a series of sculptures around the world. There are Hammering Men in Seattle, Seoul, Frankfurt, Los Angeles, New York and more. (There is a car in the bottom left to give you some scale for his size.)


Rathaus (Town Hall) I couldn’t get far enough away from it to get the entire building in one frame. It was so brightly colored and really didn’t fit it at all with any other Swiss architecture I saw. But I did love the colored tile patterns on the roof, and saw this on several other buildings.

Since I was totally alone, I took a lot of pictures.  I like them all though, so I’ll divide this into two posts.  That also means I can go to bed now.  

One thought on “Switzerland: Day 6 – Basel Part I

  1. Jo as always you confine to amaze me. What an adventurous young woman. Your pictures are wonderful and the friend fountain is beautiful. Loved seeing the miss do their I’ve skating poses. It sounds like you are having such a Wonderful time exploring so many new things. Kero that camera handy you take great pictures. 😀 Best always julie


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