Switzerland: Day 6 – Basel Part II



My dad loves to walk.  I remember on a gorgeous autumn day back in Boise I was at work and a patient cancelled, leaving me with a long lunch.  I knew my dad had the day off so I called him and we met up for an afternoon walk, and then lunch at Fresh Off the Hook.  As we walked he described to me neighborhoods all over the city that he had seen on walks.  He will walk for miles and for hours. 

My dad especially loves to walk in new places, new cities, new neighborhoods.  When he came to visit us in London this summer he walked and walked.  It inspires me, and has instilled a love for walking in my own heart.  Walking in London has been a great way for me to see the city, release some of the stress of motherhood, and enjoy alone time.  When I had a few hours in Basel to myself, and all the museums were closed, walking was an exciting prospect.  

I was lucky to come across a large map posted on a sign in the main plaza, that listed a few city walks.  I chose one that best suited my time frame and the places I wanted to see, and then I followed the signs and walked through the city.  I stopped for hot chocolate when I got really cold and I stopped in a shop to buy a Christmas ornament.  Other than that, I just walked. 

The Munsterplatz is the open plaza surrounding the Basel Cathedral.  The Cathedral was so pretty, particularly because the sun was shining on it directly, making it have that bright amber color.  

Erasmus was buried in the Cathedral and there is a monument inside for him.  I didn’t know who he was until I came home and researched, and found him to be a person I relate to quite well.  I’d love to read some of his writing. 


More of the colored pattern tile on the rooftops.


The Cathedral sits right next to the bank of the Rhine, with this view across the river. I ♥ dusk.


One of the museums on the Munsterplatz. I can’t remember which one…

After I finished the city walk, I crossed back over the river and watched the most lovely pink sunset from the opposite bank, with the Cathedral in the skyline.  

(After we got home I saw on Facebook that there had been a beautiful sunset in Boise on New Year’s Eve too, and a friend of mine who lives in Michigan shared a pic on Facebook of her sunset as well.  It felt kind of sentimental to me, all around the world the Earth was saying good-bye to 2014 with a magenta sky.)  

I went back to the hotel and met up with the gang for dinner.  We thought about getting take-away to bring back to the hotel and eat there, but we made a few phone calls and nothing was open.  I was still holding out hope for a good Swiss restaurant because I still hadn’t tried raclette, so we went back into the city, but there wasn’t much open in the city either.  At last we settled on, wait for it… McDonald’s.  There you have it folks.  Sometimes romantic holiday ideals get trampled by the simple practicality of cheap and quick.  

When the subject of the fireworks came up, Richard and I could not for the life of us think of why it would be a good idea to take four kids, under 10 to a fireworks show at MIDNIGHT when we had to catch a 6:00AM flight, and that doesn’t even touch on the fact that it was SO cold outside.  So after dinner we went home and went to bed early.  


We woke up early, dressed most of the kids, (we let Simon stay in his jammies) and took a taxi to the airport.  Mim slept the entire flight home, and I was lucky enough to be sitting in a row with her and Cameron.  Cameron entertained himself with the iPad or a book or something I can’t recall because I think I slept most of the flight home as well.  


Good morning 2015! (Interestingly enough it wasn’t even midnight yet back in Boise.)


Thumb-suckers travel well.

When we arrived in the airport back in London I noticed an American family with four small kids.  We were in line with them at customs and I asked where they were from.  They were from Florida, and they had just come in on the red-eye on their way to Scotland to begin their adventure there.  It reminded me so much of me, and us and I tried to offer her some quick encouragement but I think she was too exhausted and stressed to pay much notice.  It brought back so many memories, and made me feel so grateful all over again for this opportunity we have.  

We got back to our house around 9:00AM.  (There was virtually NO traffic on New Years Day in London at 8:00AM- bonus!)  We changed into our BSU comfies, and sat down with some snacks and Christmas chocolate, and watched the Fiesta Bowl.  GO Broncos! 

Then we took baths and naps and put our pajamas on and were completely lazy the rest of the afternoon. 

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