Happy Birthday Eli 

We have a family rule/tradition that you get to have a “friend birthday party” when you turn five and when you turn eight.  Eli being the introvert that he is, doesn’t have a big group of good friends, so he decided that for his birthday he just wanted to invite Kayden to go to a movie and then out to dinner with us as a family.  The Saturday before his birthday Richard took the four boys to see Home and I begged Miriam to go with me to see Cinderella.  After the movie we went to Nandos for dinner.  

Kayden gave Eli a book for his birthday, and as Eli opened it Kayden excitedly said “Eli! There are no gross things in it!” (Eli hates blood and I thought it was so thoughtful of Kayden to find a book about the body without blood.)

I did a thoroughly lousy job of taking photos for Eli AND Cameron’s birthdays.  But we celebrated them together on Eli’s birthday because Richard had a meeting on the 31st, and on Cameron’s actual birthday we were driving to the Netherlands. 

We went to dinner at Pizza Express in Greenwich and then came back to the house for cake and presents.  Eli got a Manchester United jersey from Richard and I, a solar system model and a watch from Baca and Grandpa Hall, and a set of scriptures from Baca and Grandpa Bird. (A birthday tradition for 8 year olds.) 


The boys wanted to take a picture together with their scriptures.

A bit about Eli. 

Eli is a really thoughtful and introspective boy.  You can see in his furrowed brow that the wheels in his head are constantly turning.  He is a sponge for knowledge and loves to learn trivia type facts and data, particularly about religions and civilizations.  He will often come to me with a “Did you know…” statement as if it’s the most exciting thing he’s learned so far.  

Eli’s quality that is both endearing and infuriating is the way he is perpetually distracted.  All day, every day it feels like I’m asking him to focus or reminding him to stick to the task.  Simple tasks like getting dressed or putting his dishes in the sink seem to take ten times the appropriate amount of time. But it’s that same trait that  causes him to notice details in everything and appreciate and observe the little things. 

Despite lacking a bit in the patience category, Eli is the most sensitive to his siblings needs and feelings.  His compassion runs deep for them, and for humanity in general.  He doesn’t like violence or destruction or trauma.  He loves playing video games (FIFA ’15 and other football/soccer games) and could easily be the kid who never leaves the couch if we’re not careful.  He also likes board games and playing sports with Cameron so long as Cameron plays fair.  Nothing ticks Eli off more than someone who breaks the rules.  He loves hearing and telling jokes, and especially loves anything that is mysterious or magical.  (Card tricks, illusions, brain teasers.)

Eli’s introverted personality brings such a nice balance to all the extroverted personalities in our other children, and we love him so much.   

One thought on “Happy Birthday Eli 

  1. I love how you can pull strengths out of the things that are frustrating as a parent. Eli seems a lot like Erick in some ways. Except Erick is not at all an introvert. Happy birthday Eli!


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