Barcelona: Day Three (Girona) 

Friday morning we dragged ourselves out of bed in time to catch a train to the town of Girona, north of Barcelona.  We wanted to get out of the city for a day, but Girona turned out to be bigger than we had imagined.  But it had a slower pace and quieter feel to it.   

On the train we all wanted a window seat so we spread out, but the first 20 minutes were either underground or just graffiti-covered concrete so eventually I fell asleep and slept for a good part of the next hour.  When I woke up I did catch some nice Spanish countryside views. 

From the bus station we walked to a tourist office to get a couple city maps, and then from there walked up to the old city wall.  You can walk along the city wall, which offers great views of the city, and the wall.  


The old part of the city was built on a hill, so all the alleys had stairs. It was hot- and climbing the stairs was not my favorite part. In fact, I was happy to have the excuse of taking a photo to pause and take a break.


The cathedral from a distance.


The city wall.


My dad kept walking along the city wall but my mom and I came down into these pretty gardens and we met up again at the cathedral.


Colorful tile rooftops- now that feels Spanish.


The cathedral up close.


I’ll never get over the devotion with which the Europeans build their churches.

We ate some lunch (I had more tapas…) in a back alley cafe where we were serenaded by a man with an electric guitar.  It was a little much. I preferred the more subtle tunes of the street musicians at the cathedral who played a flute and an instrument that resembled a steel drum but with a more mellow flavor.  It was really lovely. 

After lunch we went to the Jewish museum, which of course was pretty depressing.  Has there ever been a more persecuted people? My goodness.  The town of Girona had a big Jewish population who had a thriving community for hundreds of years before Christianity came along.  Sad stories.  

First things first- after the museum we ate gelato.  Then my parents received some really heartbreaking news that seemed to cast a shadow on the day.  We spent a couple more hours wandering the rabbit warren streets of Girona, popping in and out of cute little shops, before catching a train back to Barcelona.  

Orange and yellow are my favorite colors- I think I was meant to live in Spain.

We arrived back in Barcelona after 9:00, and a combination of fatigue, hunger, and probably grief left us all in sour moods.  My mom and I found a place to eat and eventually we all found our way back to the hotel.  

This photo is for all my siblings- because it could be a photo from any vacation we’ve ever taken as a family. (Except my dad hasn’t always been so fashionable with his headwear.) Love you Dad!

The next morning we left first thing for the airport and flew back to London.  Adeu Catalonia!

One thought on “Barcelona: Day Three (Girona) 

  1. Looks like a great trip. Beautiful pictures. So excited to heat more about it from your parents. Enjoy your next year. Can’t wait to hear and see about all the new things you do. 😀


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