Queen’s Walk & Eltham Palace

Last weekend was a fun one.  The weather on Saturday was perfect so we ventured to Borough Market, a first time for Richard and the kids.  We bought my favorite things and shared them; raclette, salted beef, cinnamon & chocolate covered hazlenuts… Then we let the kids each choose something.  Richard had Turkish delight, Cameron had ice cream, Eli had baklava and Mim & Si chose cookies as big as their faces.  

From there we walked through Hays Galleria and along the Queen’s Walk until we arrived at “More London” where the kids played in the fountains and Richard and I roasted our bums on the really hot stone benches.  (Which turned out to be great for drying the kids wet clothes.) 


Bubbly raclette cheese… are you salivating? I am.


Kids in culinary paradise.


Busy summer Saturday in London town.


Hays Galleria


Pointing out city landmarks across the river.


Eli was wearing trousers and a long-sleeved shirt, which is just one of those battles I chose not to fight. And I even resisted the urge to say “I told you so” when he got really hot and uncomfortable. But I did ask him to try and trust my judgment when I make suggestions about appropriate clothing.


Bright sunshine on fair faces.

This little fun family outing in London had all the makings to be a picture perfect Birdsacrossthepond hashtag. And it was nice, nothing went terribly wrong.  (Meaning, no one had a BM in their underpants.)  But after a little while, some family members got tired and irritable and frustration washed over me.  This meme I saw on Glennon’s Insta pretty much sums up the day.  

Glennon says, our pain lies in the space between the two circles.  I’m working on that.  

In spite of our London adventures repeatedly falling short of the fairy-tale versions I have in my head, I am still really grateful for them.  And accepting my flawed and imperfect self and husband and children that exist in reality is a work in progress.  



Don’t they look like they are having the time of their lives?!

So it turned out Richard wasn’t feeling so great, and on Sunday he was feeling even worse, so he stayed home and rested on Sunday while I took the kids out. 

The South London Jazz Orchestra was playing an outdoor concert on the lawns at Eltham Palace, which is in our neck of the woods.  We packed a picnic and took the bus straight from church to the palace.  


The kid in the Batman suit was totally into it. He stood up there and danced through several tunes.


Mim has cherry face.

I went in with pretty low expectations, but the kids were actually good sports about the whole thing.  Eli says at school they have something called “brass” which is basically a weekly music class where they get to try different brass instruments.  He chose trumpet.  (He has good familial inspiration.)  They told me their favorite instruments and I taught them what I knew about jazz and improv.  

After the performance we went into the Great Hall and the kids tried on the costumes.  Then we did a animal scavenger hunt that the palace has for kids.  Interesting trivia: the modern day owners of Eltham Palace in the early 20th century had a pet LEMUR.  

After they kids got their final stamp on their scavenger hunt papers we walked around the gardens a bit and then took the bus home.  It was a lovely Sunday afternoon.  

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