The Seaside at Broadstairs

In the states when we got to the ocean to play in the sand we say we are going to “the beach” but in Europe, it’s “the seaside.”  The kids’ school planned a field trip to the seaside at the beginning of July.  I practically begged Nimmi to come with Svana. I didn’t bother to take my camera so the event was overlooked in my blogging efforts until I was scrolling through photos on my phone.  

There were some bus issues, so instead of taking a charter bus (“coach” as they call it here) we waited around and ended up on your standard run-of-the-mill double decker.  Oh well.  The kids didn’t mind.  It was about a two hour trip, and then we were at the ocean! Or the English Channel to be technical.  The weather was just right, but the water was pretty cold.  Mim was the only one who really cared about “swimming.” 

Eli’s friend Kayden wasn’t coming on the trip and Eli just wasn’t feeling it, so he stayed back at school that day and it was just Cameron and the littles with me.  Simon played in the sand the entire time.  Mim dipped in and out of the water. Cameron had a water fight with some of his friends, but mostly hung out with us.  

Pasty-white boy. Not many people in London have nice tans, so he fits in just fine.


Cameron has converted to the European style swimsuit.


Mim & Svana


Everyone buried Cameron in the sand, except you can see his toe sticking out at the bottom.

We were only there for 3-4 hours because of our late arrival, and we had to make the two hour journey home so we left a little after 4:00.  Richard picked up Eli from school since we didn’t get back until about 6:30.  The kids had a good time, and it’s always nice to get out of the city.  I was grateful Nimmi was there to keep ME company, and we got to be better friends with a boy Miriam’s age, named Ralphie, and his mum. 

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