We’re Having a Baby!

We have announced on Facebook and social media, but I think there might be a few people who read this who aren’t my friend on Facebook so here’s the big news. 

We are expecting Bird Baby #5 in April.  My due date is April 10, but Bird babies have a reputation for coming early, so we’re prepared to welcome our little British souvenir anytime after Simon’s birthday (March 24), perhaps before Eli’s birthday (March 30) or maybe after Cameron’s birthday (April 1).  And for anyone noticing a pattern here, things don’t bode well for Mim ( December 3) who is really hoping for a girl.  But we are crossing our fingers on her behalf, that spring isn’t just for boys in this family.  

Richard and I were both a bit nervous about sharing the news of a FIFTH child, which is so silly because Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt have totally made large families popular again! Or not.  As Jim Gaffigan (father of five) says 

“Big families are like waterbed stores.  They used to be everywhere and now they are just weird.”  

In any case- we are really excited, slightly nervous, tremendously grateful and somewhat overwhelmed all at the same time.  

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