Day 14: Interlaken

It was another day for a run, and the weather was perfect.  There was a running/biking path that went from our camp along the river and toward the town of Interlaken.  I ran along there, and on the way back I watched the para-gliders come down off the mountain. At times I could count as many as 14 of them floating down into the big green field.  

After breakfast we decided to take the water bus into Interlaken, just to be out on the lake. We had just missed one, so we sat by the lake watching ducks and waiting for the next one.  Richard decided to run back to our trailer and get our swimming stuff so we didn’t have to make an extra trip back and forth.  

The river bus was huge, and the kids had such a great time riding on it.  I was completely enchanted by the color of the water and the sun on my face.  


No filter, no edit, just the most exquisite turquoise water I’ve ever seen.

There was an alpine coaster and playground just outside of Interlaken that we walked to once we got off the bus.  The alpine coaster was really fun, and probably the perfect length and steepness for the kids, but Richard and I were hoping for something a little more adventurous. 

The human hamster wheel. I think we need one of these, and when the kids are crazy we send them out to the wheel for 15 minutes.


The quaintest funicular I ever did see that took us up the mountain.


Richard on the zipline.


Me on the zipline.


The view from the top, Lake Brienz in the distance, with the oustkirts of the town on the right.

Our ticket included two rides down the coaster, coming up via the funicular each time.  I think Cameron and Eli were nervous at first, but ended up really loving it. And Mim, who is usually the wild one, was scared on the first ride down so I sent her with Richard on the second ride, and I think he was a better driver because she had a much better time on her second go.  
After our alpine coaster adventures we walked back into Interlaken where we ate a quick lunch at McDonald’s (the most expensive McDonald’s we’ve ever eaten…) and then went swimming at the local pool which was free for Eurocamp guests.  It was warm and pleasant outside, but not too hot, and the pool wasn’t crowded at all.  

We had a great afternoon there, and Cameron’s friend Dana from the camp was there with his family too.  


Cameron doing a pencil “dive” off the high board. There was a REALLY high board where a man at least 75 years old, did the most graceful swan dives, to my amazement and delight.

After swimming the kids were anxious to get back to the Eurocamp and play with their friends, so we walked back into Interlaken, I grabbed some groceries at Migros, and we took a bus back to our camp.  The kids had another wild and free evening in the great outdoors with only one minor incident.  Simon vs the bee. 

One thought on “Day 14: Interlaken

  1. I think this is my favorite of all the posts you have made of your trip. The blue water with the mtns. in the background, the Eurocamp, all of it. What wonderful memories for your family


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