Day 15: Geneva 

Saturday was the last full day of our epic roadtrip.  Our flight left early Sunday morning out of Geneva, so we had a day to get to Geneva, sleep at a hotel by the airport, and then we were on our way home.  Saturday morning the kids were sorry to say goodbye to their friends and the Eurocamp, but I think we were all ready to wrap it up.  

We took the long way to Geneva, and drove south around Lake Geneva, through France.  We drove past the Chillon Castle, which was a sight to behold,  even just from the road.  Then we stopped in a well-maintained medieval French village, Yvoire, per the suggestion of Adri.  It was charming, and Eli had one request in France. Crepes.  So crepes for lunch it was, and I went all out on behalf of my pregnant self, and ordered a sweet AND savoury crepe.  

We didn’t really have it in us to hit it hard touring Geneva, so it was nice to soak up the scenery from the car.  We checked into our hotel in the late afternoon, and I put cartoons on for the kids so I could take a nap while Richard returned our beloved VW to the car rental at the airport.  

We went into Geneva for dinner, and I really wanted to have something nice.  It took awhile but eventually we found a place and enjoyed some tasty Swiss food.  We strolled along the lake and had one last ice cream stop.  It was a gorgeous day/evening and the perfect way to end our European adventures.  


Geneva is a really beautiful city.


Jet d’eau

Goodbye dear mainland! Au revoir! Arrivederci! Auf Wiedersehen! Sbohem! 

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