Scotland- Part II, The Isle of Skye

After we crossed over the bridge we drove into the town of Portree, which was the most charming little seaside town. I wish we could have spent more time there.  We stopped in the Tourist Information office to find out about the best places to see and/or possible hikes.  It was a really rainy day and they gave us some good tips accordingly.  We grabbed a quick bite of lunch and off we went!
The signage was pretty inadequate so a lot of times we didn’t know what we were looking at and taking photos of.  (We shared photographing responsibilities.)  But we just knew it was all so beautiful.  
One of the recommended hikes was up into the rocky garden of the Old Man Storr.  It’s a geological wonder worth exploring, but Adri knew she could do it a lot faster without my prego self so I contentedly sat this one out.  

Adri wanted to see cliffs. Cliffs for days.

We saw so much around the island before we found our way to the fairy pools, but because of the rain and other factors we didn’t always take the camera when we left the car.  

We spent a long time hiking around the fairy pools.  They went on and on, we just kept hiking higher and higher, and it was a chain of beautiful turquoise pools connected by waterfalls and tiny little pools in the hallowed out rocks.  Of course the photos don’t do it justice, but you can see more professional photos here.  


Without our husbands or children or parents there to fear for our lives, we hiked wherever we pleased on slippery rocky cliffs.


I loved the contrast of the bright white sheep in the amber meadow with the moody gray skies in the background.

We left the fairy pools just as the sun started to go down, and we made the drive back to Inverness. 

Eilean Donan castle at night, on our way home. Adri did a good job with this night shot.

I had only brought one pair of shoes and they were completely muddy and ruined from the hiking so as soon as we were back in town we stopped at a Next so I could buy some new shoes.  We had dinner along the River Ness at an Italian place, and then hit up Tesco for breakfast items one more time.  I was so tired by the time we made it back to the bed and breakfast, I fell right to sleep.  Then an early flight the next morning and we were on our way back to London.  

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