Blackheath Fireworks

In the beginning of November all over London there are firework displays commemorating Guy Fawkes Day/Night and the foiled Gunpowder Plot.  Last year we went to the fireworks in Battersea Park, which was mostly a rainy mess.  

This year we opted for the Blackheath Fireworks which are just walking distance from home and we could go with friends! Mike and Cindy and the boys came over in the early evening and I wanted to cook an “American” meal for them so I made chili and cornbread.  

We bundled up the kids and we were lucky there was no rain this year. And I mentioned this last year, but the great thing about fireworks in the winter is that it’s dark early, so they started at 7:30 and we didn’t have to keep the kids up too late. The weather was really not too bad.    

The walk to exciting events with kids is always the easy part, especially with friends;  they have plenty of hype to energize them (the walk home is always more tedious…) So the walk to the common went quickly and when we arrived the kids lit sparklers to pass the time until the show started. Cindy brought the sparklers, she wins the mom prize.  


It’s funny because Mim is wearing one of Simon’s coats, because the zipper on hers was broken, and yet she refused to let us zip the coat she did wear.


It’s no wonder this kid has an agent. The camera LOVES him.

The firework show was even better than I expected and the kids of course were mesmerized.  

In the States when we watch fireworks we love to spread out a blanket, make ourselves comfortable and stuff our faces with junk food.  That wouldn’t really work here because 1- November=muddy ground, and 2- London=so many people. But it’s probably healthy for us Americans to try some traditions that don’t involve diabetes-inducing snacks.  

​We had a really good time, as we always do with Kayden, Tyler and their grownups.  

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