Right from the beginning of the term one of the staff members at the kids’ school, Miss Sasha, told me she wanted to celebrate Thanksgiving this year at Lucas Vale.  She got Miriam and Cameron involved straight away, and Eli jumped on board as it got closer.  She arranged for the kids to do a presentation at the school assemblies about Thanksgiving, she asked the school chef to order turkey, and she talked to other teachers about incorporating some other American Thanksgiving traditions.  

It’s been really satisfying for me to see the cross-cultural things my kids have learned while at their school, and I have always appreciated the efforts of the school to inform and engage the kids in holidays and celebrations from the various countries represented by the students.  To have it be our turn to share our holiday traditions made the kids feel so important, and thereby made me feel really grateful.  

So when Thanksgiving day came around I went to the school and watched the kids do their presentation, then I ate a turkey feast with them at lunch, and watched Cameron make a valiant, but mostly unsuccessful effort to teach the kids American football at playtime. 


It was a little embarrassing that Mim chose spaghetti instead of the turkey and gravy…


The food was actually really good. Roasted potatoes instead of mashed, but tasty gravy.

On the Saturday after Thanksgiving we had a proper American Thanksgiving feast with our friends Rob, Challyndel and their girls.  Their last name is Slaughter, which made for a Bird-Slaughter Thanksgiving.  Couldn’t be more appropriate if you ask me.  

I didn’t take a single picture! (*Insert crying emoji*)  But we had a really good time.  The food turned out great, and there was plenty.  Challyndel is American, but Rob is British and he did make a joke about my sweet potatoes tasting more like a dessert than a veg, but that’s just so American isn’t it? Taking something healthy and covering it in a starchy, sugary sauce topped with marshmallows.  So worth it.  

We played Ticket to Ride and even watched an American football game.  We had pumpkin pie, Challyndel made a cinnamon pie which was new to us but loved by all and there were leftovers for days.  Expat holidays are never quite the same, but still completely wonderful in their own right.  

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