Happy Birthday Mim 

Miriam’s birthday was one of those days that was going to be amazing in my head (and hers too) but then really just turned into a frantic and chaotic mess.  I’ll spare the details, but I was at least successful in taking doughnuts into her class at school, per her request.  

She chose Giraffe (super kid friendly) for dinner and our server completely spoiled her when he found out it was her birthday. No doubt she enjoyed all the fuss.  We gave her a purple scooter, and she had a couple gifts from Baca to open so we did that at home, along with cake and ice cream. 

Miriam is still our paradoxical little girl, a blend of sweet and sour and tender and tough.  

Turning six seemed to be the milestone she needed to moderately commit herself to stop sucking her thumb.  She has been trying so hard not to do it outside of the house (on the bus or at church and school) but she still can’t help herself when she has her blanket while she watches T.V. or at bedtime.  

She is really social, she loves being invited places and she loves going out with just Richard or me.  At school she seems to be friends with almost everyone in her class, but I know she has her moments where she can be unkind to other kids.  She is pretty honest about this, and it is usually the result of having her own feelings hurt.  

She can have serious attitude, she loves to roll her eyes at her parents, but she is also fiercely loyal to Richard and me. She says nice things about us to other people and she loves to sit with her dad during movies or at church.  She is definitely the most sensitive of our children, but also the most violent.  She loves her brothers dearly, but she can also be really aggressive with them.  

Mim loves Frozen, her brothers have made her into a Star Wars fan, and she loves watching cartoons.  She’s become a voracious little reader and she’s happy to read alone or to read to Simon.  She also loves time to herself, to play alone in her bedroom or in the bathtub.  

The other day she and I were walking to see some friends who had invited us over for birthday cake, and she was chatting and singing and just being purely delightful and I was overcome with feelings of love and gratitude for her.  

Nimmi and I had talked for a few months about taking the girls out for afternoon tea in the city, and Mim’s birthday seemed like the perfect occasion.  So the Saturday after her birthday I made a booking at Bea’s of Bloomsbury and we had tea and sandwiches and all kinds of tasty treats.  Nimmi and I were shocked (and maybe slightly annoyed) and how Miriam and Svana didn’t seem to appreciate all the yummy pastries placed before them, but they seemed to have a great time anyway.  

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