Gran Canaria – Day 3

The kids really wanted to go back to the sand dunes, so we did that first thing on Saturday morning.  Once again we let them play until all of our legs felt like rubber from hiking up the dunes.   This time we let them wear their swimsuits and figured they could rinse off the in pool/ocean.  I didn’t want to mess with my camera in the sand or at the beach so these are mostly taken with my phone.  (But honestly, as much as I love my nice camera, sometimes I swear I can’t tell a difference…)
We decided to get some food at the grocery store for lunch and take it back to the bungalow.  We ate, and the kids being the gluttons that they are, wanted to swim in the frigid pool again…

The patio had a gate that opened up to the pool, so they swam and ate, ate and swam. So wrong, I know. You’re supposed to wait 30 minutes or something?

After we finished our lunch and chillaxed a bit, we headed to the beach, and spent the rest of the day soaking up the sunshine, hopping around in the waves, and playing in the sand.  It was absolutely sublime.   I even went out as far as I could and floated along with the waves. I forgot how fun it is to swim in the ocean.  
There was a lot of interesting people watching to be done at the beach too.  It’s one of my favorite things about traveling. People.  Since it was Spain, we had a little chat with the kids about how they would probably see some women without swimsuit tops, and maybe even some men and women altogether naked.  No one seemed bothered by it, and to be honest I didn’t mind my kids seeing what real bodies look like, as opposed to what the marketing and media industries would have them believe bodies are supposed to look like.  

That guy in the background was getting such a kick out of Mim’s photo poses that he had to stop and watch our little mini-shoot.


Mermaid Mim



In the early evening we went home and showered and dressed and found a nice restaurant to eat a nice sit-down dinner.  Richard had I had this amazing meal that sort of resembled the hot rock steak at Barbacoa in Boise.  They brought out a selection of raw meats (including kangaroo, what?!) and sauces and you cooked the meats on the hot rock.  It was really yummy.  It was a quiet restaurant and the kids were so well behaved, it was really just the perfect ending to the perfect day.  It is so rare to have such a smooth and obstacle free day while traveling, and I’ll never forget this one.  

The next morning we packed up and cleaned up and shoved our sandy stuff into plastic bags inside our suitcases and caught the bus to the airport.  We ran into the Haribo bear, and then we waited in a long line to board our flight.  Then another long delay on the tarmac, another long flight home, another really cold walk from the terminal to our car, and then at last we were home in drizzly London.  

One thought on “Gran Canaria – Day 3

  1. That looks like the most heavenly vacation – all of my favorites. Swimming in the ocean is one of my favorite things to do,
    Put that together with watching the kids play and it couldn’t get any better!


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